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Hi!  I'm Your New Court Reporter.


It's nice to meet you!  You probably have figured it out, but my name is Kornika King.  I am a certified court reporter who lives in Jacksonville, Florida, but is happy to serve wherever I am needed.

I have been reporting on legal proceedings since 2021 and have made the record for over 600 proceedings to date.  I cover all types of subject matter and all types of proceedings, including depositions, examinations under oath, trials, hearings, and meetings.  If you need a record made, I can do it.

I am nationally certified by the National Verbatim Reporters Association and I am voluntarily certified by the Florida Court Reporters Association as a Florida Professional Reporter.  I am also a Georgia Certified Court Reporter.  

I am a commissioned notary public in the State of Florida, so I am duly authorized to administer oaths here.  I am an approved contracted vendor with the Justice Administrative Commission (JAC) of Florida.   


If you'd like to know even more, it can be found on LinkedIn by clicking here.

Let’s Start Working Together!

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